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For Course Tutors, Universities or colleges

Alexandra has been helping universities and colleges to professionally manage their student workwear requirements for many years - from initial selection and ordering through to sizing and deliveries.

Our experience means that Alexandra can provide an unbeatable service to you and your students. Contact our expert teams to find out more about how we h=can help you with your uniform requirements. including Wearer Self Purchase, Rollouts and accoutn management.

Student Discounts

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Please note students registered on a WSP program are not eligible for discounts.

Sizing: Getting it right

As a student you may be required to wear a uniform as part of your stuying and placements. A good fit is vital for comfort and ensuring you are able to perform the task associated with your role.  We have prepared and gathered usuful FAQs, videos, how to guides, resources and links to ensure you get the right uniform for you.

The Alexandra Student Fitting Service

If you’re a course tutor or manage the workwear needs for students, trainees or new starters, Alexandra can make the whole process easier. From organising Sizing Days on-site to the packing and despatch of individually named workwear allocations, Alexandra will manage every aspect for you.


Wearer Self Purchase: Making it easy to maage your uniform requirements

WSP as an University

Wearer Self Purchase functionality allows the university to manage and adminsiter uniform allowances and permissions for students, allowing the student to purchase their own garments at the agreed pricing of the university.

The new functionality of WSP ensures the unisierty can securely and easily manage the students access to uniforms reducing the adminsitration time and cost. To discuss your requirements and how WSp can work for you, your team and students contact our team of experts.

WSP as a student

if you are studying at a university who is part of our Wearer Self Purchase program, you should have received an email asking you to activate your account. If you have not received this you need to contact your course administration team. 

To find how to use WSP visit our how to page here.